Gameplan 12/20 – 1/1/13

BRB Going home a ver mi familia en MIAMI. I’ll be on the beach while y’all deal with this cold. nbd.

However – I must say, Atlanta is looking pretty amazing despite the lack of bikinis:

Thursday December 20


Friday December 21
ti-bob-grand-hustle (1)
Saturday December 22
Sunday December 23
Monday December 24
High Museum of Art
Tuesday December 25
  • Chill with your family you ungrateful F.
Wednesday December 26
Thursday December 27
Friday December 28
Saturday December 29
Sunday December 30
  • Falcons vs. Buccaneers at the Dome
Monday December 31
Tuesday January 1, 2013!
Last minute things:
1- FUNSERV is back on 1/2/13. I’ll be officially living in L5P and I’m always down to pregame before any events. Let me know if you want to meet some great people in town.
2 - I’m going to NASHVILLE with the rents for New Years. Can you reply ( ) with advice/must see restaurants & bars / unique things to do?
3 – What I want for the holidays? Just tell people about the FUNSERV. Haven’t you enjoyed it so far? No ads. Just good times and amazing folks. Lets share a 40 at the Graveyard when the holidays settle down- I love meeting new people. 
Have a safe and happy holiday!
P.S. My present to you? the Hotlanta Graffito Album part 3 - Fall 2012 – Click here. and enjoy. If you like it, here is part 1part 2 and many more. 


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