Farewell Funserv :’)

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”
-Thomas Meeha
What started as a daily attempt to get some friends to join me on adventures has really taken on a form of its own. The FUNSERV has been, by far, my most rewarding project. My exploits in e-humor and graffito will always be dear to my heart, but nothing compares to the countless thank you e-mails I’ve received. This endeavor has helped many with the monotony of 9to5 syndrome. It has even helped folks battle bouts of depression! It is an honor to spread the word about the *majority of the causes y’all asked me to highlight.
It is also an honor to bring the word y’all back to Miami.
The winds are bringing me back to my home of South Florida. I’ll be living with friends I grew up with, saving money, and reconstructing my life for its next chapter. I’m going to take some time to properly research and build a Miami Funserv (www.elfunserv.com) and, if I can pull it off, one day I’ll bring the FUNSERV back to bridge my two favorite cities (the 404 and the 305).Until then– many thanks to:
If you find yourself in Miami please do not hesitate to contact me! Just reply to any of the thousand emails I sent you ;) I’m excited to show you the magic that is Wynwood, introduce you to Cuban coffee AND to your next spicy latino/a lover~
This was fun :’) Thanks for reading.
Your favorite and/or only Cuban friend,
Oscar de Armas


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7 Responses to Farewell Funserv :’)

  1. Wow! Good luck with your next chapter buddy. I really enjoyed the Funsurv. I’m always in Miami, my hometown as well. I’ll be working Design Miami this December. Maybe I’ll see you around

  2. Good luck and thanks for the game plans!

  3. Good luck on your new adventure! And thanks for helping me fall in love with this city!

  4. Thanks so much! I’ve found the Fun Serv so helpful in getting to know Atlanta over the past year. Have you thought about passing on the mantle to someone staying in the Atlanta area?

    • I’ve thought about it and I won’t be. Many have offered. In the past its gone to crap and I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. There are many great resources in the Atlanta area– access talents, creative loafing etc

  5. you will be missed!!